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B-Ready Business plan creator is the simplest and most easy to use business planning tool offered online! Our sample plan and templates help you take the guess-work out of creating your business plan. Rather entering complex formulas or doing tons of math equations, you simply enter some basic information and BBPC does all the math for you. Our business planning templates help you create your business plan in matter of hours rather days or months.

Here are some of the features and benefits of BBPC:

· It’s simple and easy to use (You simply fill in the blanks to create your own plan)
· No software to buy (all you need is Microsoft word and excel 2007 or newer)
· No need to learn complex formulas (are template does all the math for you)
· Your financial projections will include 12 months of Income statements, Balance sheets, and cash flow summaries.
· FREE B-Ready Business Plan Guide – walks you through the entire business plan writing process.
· Our templates are designed to meet industry standards
· We offer completely customizable business plan templates
· We offer support (simply email your question or concern and we will work with you to help you complete your business plan)

Click Here to Download Your Free Business plan Creator...


Click Here to Download Your Free Business plan Creator...

Our sample plan is professionally written and formatted. You simply fill your company information and print! All plans come with professionally written samples of each of the business plan essentials including:

· Cover Page
· Executive Summary
· Business Description
· Organization and Management
· Market Analysis
· Products/Services Description
· Funding Request
· Financial Data (Including 1 year projections of Income statements, Balance sheets and cash flow summary)
· Appendix

MS WORD and EXCEL Required

Click Here to Download Your Free Business plan Creator...

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